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Grid 2 cockpit camera download

Grid 2 cockpit camera download

18 Dec Home Downloads > GRID 2 >. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Have a chance to win a copy of F1 The Game (PC) by following RaceDepartment on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Steam and / or YouTube. 18 Oct Description [hide]. Forward and backward cockpit view camera mod. Added impact forces, now the camera moves a bit when you hit something. Download [ hide]. Please Login to download this file. Advertisement. Screenshots [hide]. 30 May Cockpit Mod for Grid 2! -comes-to-the-pc-version-thanks-to-modders/ Have fun guys:) Gameplay: YouTube™ Video: GRID 2 Cockpit Camera Mod. Views: , http://turbobit. net/ (All cars(without DLC)) - download.

1 Jun Still, as a temporary solution it should appease players who sorely miss playing Grid with a cockpit camera and we await to see what else the modding community can cook up to enhance Grid 2 on PC. Download the Grid 2 cockpit mod from RaceDepartment here. Meanwhile, here's another similar mod we. 17 Oct Giochi e simulatori di guida: news, forum, download, online racing, simracing. 4 Jun But hardly anybody uses the cockpit view! That's what Codemasters had to say, anyway, about the discontinuation of the cockpit view in its latest racer, GRID 2. Try telling that to PC gamers, though. Following GRID 2's release last week, modders have been working to build their own cockpit view—here's.

3 Jun PC people really are clever and dedicated folks. If they're not inventing new and grotesque ways to contort the G-Man's face and limbs, they're making mods for games that have only been out for a few hours. Codemasters didn't include cockpit views in their enjoyably silly racing-game-with-a-plot, GRID 2. I asked a friend to send me the file to see if we can do something about the blurred cockpit views. I still can't believe that after the feedback from the community on Grid 2 about the cockpits, they decided for this solution. Here you can download the cockpit mod that removes all blur.


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