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Couchpotato download folder

Couchpotato download folder

30 Dec Enable Transmission by checking it. Add your username and password for transmission. In Directory, choose a directory for the downloads to go to, you do not want this to be the final directory the videos will end up in. Instead you want it to be a temporary folder that CouchPotato monitors for new videos. got a strange one here. have couchpotato running with sabnzbd cp adds videos all ok and sabnzbd downloads them all ok. however once download has completed they are not being moved to the folder where. Download movies automatically, easily and in the best quality as soon as they are released, via usenet or torrents.

Hello Currently I have a setup of couchpotato sonarr and deluge. sonar is working properly where it will delete episodes but for some reason couchpotato is not moving the torrent file once it is downloaded. It will download files just fine to the folder specified and I have it set the default action to MOVE in the. 12 Aug Post-Processing. After a download is completed CouchPotato can automatically rename the files and move them to a location of your choice. If you would like this feature, enable it and set it up as shown below. From is the folder where your completed movie resides. We recommend enabling this featured. 12 Aug CouchPotato is a wonderful set and forget python script to automatically download and pass torrent files to torrent downloaders or NZB files to NZB downloaders. In this post, I will Transmission should be setup to automatically t files from this directory and start downloading. Transmission.

25 Jan My 'from' folder in CP is different from the folder that NZBGet downloads to. The purpose of the renamer for Couchpotato is to be able to rename movies that you downloaded outside of CP. Sure, in CP you can set the two folders to be the same, but then at times they conflict with each other: the renamer and. 15 Aug I use Deluge to download torrents, Sonarr for TV and CouchPotato for films. I have movies on one external drive and tv shows on another external drive. My internal is a small SSD. I've set the default download folder for CouchPotato to be the external drive where the movies live. I'd like to do the same with. Hello all,. I'm still having trouble setting up a config for my sab/cp/sb setup. At the moment Couch potato is downloading films, but it isn't moving them from the sab folder to a top level cache folder. I found my previous issue wih sickbeard not running the script was that the permissions was.


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